William Charles Earl – My Great Uncle

So much owed by so many to so few – proud that my Uncle Billy was one of the few.

Norfolk in World War One

I first became aware of my Great Uncle Billy when I was a small child, I’d asked my Nan if she had any brothers and sisters, she told me she did and what all their names were, then she told me about William Charles, her oldest brother whom she’d never met.  How did you never meet him Nanny? I asked, she told me he went to war and never came back, and that she was born after he left.

Nanny kept a photograph of him in the back of her wedding picture, which she took out and showed me.

William Earl

Some years later I was inspired partly by this story to research my family history, and this is William Charles Earl’s story:

Billy was born in 1897 in King’s Lynn, Norfolk and attended St Nicolas School. His parents were William Jacob Earl and Sarah Francis Earl (Nee Fysh), they lived at…

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What will you discover about your ancestors?

Mission Statement

“Helping people trace their Family Trees accurately, professionally and with a personal touch”

Welcome to Mypastforme, a website inspired by years of personal research into my own Ancestry.

The unique services provided will  help you trace your ancestry, possibly back many generations! perhaps you will find a famous ancestor? maybe you will discover why you look how you do? or where you get your steely determination from?

It could be that your parents or grandparents are always talking about ancestors and the ‘old days’ but nobody has really put a family tree together.  Let us be of service and create something for you which can be treasured and talked about by the whole family – YOUR family tree.

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