We are lucky enough through the nature of working closely with people over the years on family trees to have had some great testimonials – thanks to all those who contributed.  Here are just some:

‘I contacted Mypastforme with a view that they may be able to help me with my family tree. What a wonderful response and how soon they found information for me that I had been searching for many years. I was absolutely delighted with this help and during the time we have and still have contact I have found them to be reliable, kind and professional , and would have no hesitation in recommending them for their expert services.

Bee Rowse

I have known Ian for more years than I care to remember (at least 25), I have watched him grow into a reliable and meticulous professional young man with everything he turns his interest to.

When I hit a “WALL” in my Family Tree I contact Ian, he usually digs deeper and finds the information that I was looking for.

I am positive he will do an excellent job for others as he has done for me over the years with my Family Tree.’

Don’t hesitate, contact Ian.

Peter Earl (Canada)

‘Ian is a great help to me and my interests of the family tree.  He lives close to where our family came from and kindly took photos and downloaded these to me.  His research techniques are amazing.  Like giving a bone to a dog.  He will get the very last morsel for you.  Ian’s general knowledge of the area that I was interested in is great.  He has passed on many titbits for my interest. ‘

Hendrika Maria Smith (Western Australia)

Wow! What a service! After giving Mypastforme as many details as I could about my Grandparents within a few days and after checking a few facts with me, they had soon built a family tree for me going back many generations.  I was surprised how quickly they did this, and the level of expertise they showed when doing the research.  I would highly recommend them to research your ancestry, if you just don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself.

Lesley Saunders

I have always been interested in my family tree and a few years ago began putting my own tree together.  After a few years of not really getting any further I asked Ian if he could help me.  I was quietly impressed with the attention to detail and knowledge Ian had on the subject of Genealogy.  I would not hesitate to recommend Ian’s work.

Samantha Hunt

‘I have quite an unusual name and was interested to see if I could find out more about my ancestors.  This was proving very difficult.  Ian offered to help and since then I haven’t looked back.  He found all my direct ancestors going back 9 generations and in some cases further.  Time consuming as it was once Ian is onto a lead he methodically puts together the pieces of the jigsaw in very knowledgeable way. I’d really recommend Ian to help if you want to know your family history but don’t know where to start or have come to a dead end’

Lesley Race